Meaningful Mid Semester Check-ins


“To better approach engagement in my courses —whether on the first day or any day of the semester—I start with empathy. “

Michael Roberto

Hello, faculty!

As we approach the mid-semester point, you may be noticing some of your students feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and lacking motivation. Our newsletter this week highlights the importance of maintaining connections and ways to re-engage students for a strong end-of-semester experience. Through articles and podcasts, we share strategies, ideas, and tips that can be used in both the classroom and online to foster these connections with your students.

Next week, our focus will incorporate active learning tools such as our newest engagement technology Kahoot!. We hope you find it motivating as we enter the mid-semester point!

-The ID Team
CITS | Instructional Development

WHO; Who How and You. Meaningful mid semester check-ins


Building and maintaining connections between students and instructors is crucial for an enriched educational experience. Such relationships foster a reciprocal learning environment, encourage active engagement, and provide opportunities for mentorship, guidance, networking, and future opportunities. Cultivating these connections in both traditional classrooms and online learning environments can be supported by inquiring about student’s interests and accomplishments, providing expectations around course participation, and designing work that is meaningful. In an age where technology impacts every aspect of our learning and interaction, it is vital to incorporate learning experiences that are active and varied in an effort to maintain meaningful connections with students.


In this edition learn how to incorporate small activities of active learning for better student engagement.


Our goal for you is to renew a sense of connection with your students.


Here is a webinar from The Chronicle of Higher Education where several professors and specialists discuss how student engagement needs have changed in 2023. Please either click on the video above or the link, Meaning Classroom Engagement, to begin viewing the webinar.

Isis Artze-Vega and Oscar Miranda Tapia discuss Connections Are Everything on episode 482 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Please either click on the image above or the link, Connections are Everything, to begin viewing the webinar.

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