Canvas Help for Faculty

This page is a collection of tutorials that explain how to use the various instructor tools in myCourses.

We highly recommend enrolling in the Growing with Canvas training course for a deeper and more interactive experience. More information on how to access Growing with Canvas is coming soon!

Are you new to all of this? Check out our handy myCourses Blackboard to Canvas Feature Conversion Table to aid your navigation and discovery of new features.

🔴 Canvas Dashboard & Notifications

🔴 Communication Tools

🔴 Course Design & Content

Home Page




Rich Content Editor

🔴Assessments & Engagement





Question Banks with Quizzes


Need more help?

Visit the Canvas Guides for Instructors.

Be sure to use a supported internet browser! Browsers like Safari and Edge don’t work well with myCourses. Learn more on our supported internet browsers page.

Clearing your internet browser’s cache solves most problems that arise in myCourses. Visit our page on clearing browser cache to learn how.

Are you looking for tutorials you can share with your students? Check out our collection of student tutorials!

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