Build Websites in WordPress

WordPress is a personal publishing system used by individuals and organizations across the globe to post information online. The site you are viewing right now was built and is hosted on the UMass Dartmouth WordPress system. In education, WordPress is commonly used by students, instructors, or groups of students to keep an online blog or website about an experience or topic. WordPress sites can also be used by faculty or students to create online portfolios of their work and accomplishments.

What does WordPress offer?

  • Space for public or private online journals/blogs that allow comments on postings
  • Websites with multiple pages and a customizable menu structure.
  • Ability to filter content by date, category, or author.
  • Easily integrate images, video, and other types of online media.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of WordPress. Here at UMass Dartmouth, we use our own hosted version of WordPress that the presenter refers to as “”

Support for WordPress

WordPress at UMass Dartmouth can be accessed from the Quicklaunch menu of the myUMassD portal under Campus Tools > WordPress. The system can also be accessed directly from the UMass Dartmouth WordPress homepage.