Record Videos with Kaltura

Instructors can use Kaltura to record short lectures or instructional videos and easily share them with their students. Kaltura allows you to create these videos by recording what is happening on your computer screen as well as what you are saying into a microphone. The end result is a video like this:

Some instructors use Kaltura in conjunction with the hand-writing features of their tablet computer. This allows them to talk about content like math problems that require them to write-out things as they explain them. Check out how Professor John Buck from Engineering has done this below:

Unlike Echo360, you can install Kaltura on your own computer and record videos whenever and wherever you want to. Kaltura stores your recordings online in a personalized “My Media” library. These videos can be easily embedded in myCourses or shared just about anywhere online that you would like to put them. You maintain full control of the videos you record and can delete or hide them at any time.

Check out Kaltura’s product walkthrough video below to learn more!

Support for Kaltura

Ready to get started? Use our tutorials linked below to learn how to install Kaltura on your computer and record your first video.

For Faculty


Note: Videos created in Kaltura are automatically captioned using automatic speech recognition which provides 70-95% accuracy. It is important, however, for instructors to review and edit captions for accuracy.  If you are planning to use Kaltura in your courses, read more about Kaltura and accessibility  and add this information to syllabi or sites as needed.

Mediaspace (for Faculty)

For Students

We encourage you to copy links to these tutorials and share them with your students.