How Can I Make My Content Accessible?

There are simple steps faculty can take to make their course materials more accessible and user-friendly. Most of these steps can be performed using software that you already have installed on your computer!

So, what can you do?

Making Videos Accessiblevideo player

  • Be sure your videos have captions!
  • Choose videos from accessible repositories.
  • Use Kaltura to record/upload your own videos.

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Making Word Documents Accessibleword logo

  • Use the built-in accessibility checker.
  • Use heading styles to organize your document.
  • Provide alt-text descriptions for graphics.

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Making PowerPoint Presentations Accessiblepowerpoint logo

  • Use the built-in accessibility checker.
  • Make your slide titles unique.
  • Create tables and graphics using SmartArt.

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Making PDF Files Accessibleadobe acrobat icon

  • Avoid scanning documents.
  • Link directly to articles in library databases.
  • Use the accessibility checker in Adobe Acrobat.

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Making Content in myCourses Accessible

  • Provide alt-text descriptions for graphics.
  • Make hyperlinks descriptive.
  • Clear the formatting of copy/pasted text.

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