Making PDF’s Accessible

Enhance Your PDF’s to be Screen Reader Ready

You have probably come across scanned PDF’s that are misaligned, grainy, and overall difficult to read. These PDF’s are even more difficult for learners using assistive technology to read. Sharing these PDF’s with your learners leaves them without access to important course materials and information. However, Adobe Acrobat can help!

Tips for sharing PDF’s:

  • We recommend linking to articles in Library databases as opposed to downloading and posting them as PDF’s on myCourses.
  • Scanned PDF’s acquired by your library liaison through Interlibrary Loan are meant to be used for research purposes. Sharing these files with students is a violation of fair use. We encourage you to contact your library liaison for assistance finding accessible alternatives.
  • Scanned documents are nearly impossible to make accessible. Whenever possible, make every effort to locate and share the original electronic version of a file.
  • It is much easier to make a Word/PowerPoint file accessible than it is to make a PDF accessible. If you have a file in the original Word/PowerPoint format, share that with your students instead.