Blackboard Updates: Building Blocks, LTI tools, Publisher tools, and Kaltura!

Whew – there’s been a lot of Blackboard changes this summer! Please take a moment to review these important updates:

Blackboard Building block tools updated to LTI tools

Blackboard has retired building block (B2) tool integrations and moved to a newer and more secure LTI tool integration. LTI integrations offer improved performance and interoperability between Blackboard courses and vendor-supplied functionality. Most B2 tools require instructors to remove old building block tool links and add new LTI tool links in courses.

Third-Party Publisher LTI Tools

All third-party B2 tool integrations have been retired from Blackboard and any links in courses using the B2 tool will no longer work. Third-party publisher integrated tools are available in Blackboard using an LTI integration including Access Pearson, McGraw-Hill Connect, Sage Vantage, Cengage Learning, MacMillan Achieve, and others. View the publisher support websites below for more information:

Please be sure to check your course site to ensure you have updated the publisher links using the new LTI tools.

Kaltura Media Updated LTI Tool

Kaltura Media will migrate to a new LTI tool as well. Videos that are already embedded will function as usual until 8/31/2024. However, the Kaltura Mashups tool is no longer available. Summer 2024 courses have already had their Kaltura media content migrated to the new LTI tool. You will notice that previously embedded Kaltura videos will show as links that will open in a new browser window for viewing. Kaltura Media Capture and Express Capture continue to have the same functionality and the interface has not changed with recording and editing videos.

Please note, that courses outside of the Summer 2024 term will also have their Kaltura Media content migrated in the upcoming weeks. For additional information about adding Kaltura videos without using the Kaltura Mashup tool, please visit Instructional Development’s Kaltura support site.

Blackboard Base Navigation

Blackboard upgraded from Blackboard Learn to Base Navigation during the week of May 13, 2024. Base Navigation provides a modernized menu and additional features for users, without changing the overall functionality of Blackboard course sites. Visit Instructional Development’s post on Base Navigation for more information.

Change the Course Image in myCourses

Is the course image Blackboard generated for your course title irrelevant? Would you like to select something more related or representative of your course topic? We’ve provided steps on how to view, update, or upload a new image for your course title(s). Visit Instructional Development’s post on Changing the Course Image for more information.