Online Engagement with VoiceThread

VoiceThread takes online interactions to the next level with media-rich discussions and presentations!

Instructors and students can pull documents, slides, graphics, video clips, or audio clips into a “VoiceThread” presentation where other people in the class can asynchronously discuss the content using audio/video comments. Here are a few ways instructors are using VoiceThread to engage their learners. Learn more about facilitating VoiceThread activities:

You can find even more VoiceThread activity ideas on their blog.

Free Online Workshops!
VoiceThread offers live hour-long online workshops for faculty who are interested in learning more about using VoiceThread in their class. They offer a well-maintained list of upcoming workshops and an archive of previously recorded workshops via their website.

Faculty Support for VoiceThread

Ready to try creating your first VoiceThread?

Set up a Watch Assignment where students simply watch a VoiceThread presentation you have created. Examples include:

  • Non-graded lectures.
  • Compliance and training.

A Create Assignment requires students to create a VoiceThread of their own and record comments on it. Great for:

  • Student presentations.
  • Skill demonstration.
  • Paper or document feedback.

Commenting Assignments require students to record a set number of comments on a VoiceThread that you have created. Perfect for:

  • Graded Discussions.
  • Quizzes.
  • Speaking Practice.

Need Help Grading VoiceThread Submissions?
Watch an overview on Grading VoiceThread Assignments.

Student Support for VoiceThread

We encourage you to copy links to these tutorials and share them with your students in myCourses.

Submitting a Watch Assignment only requires students to watch all slides and comments that an instructor provides. Students do not need to create or post anything to the VoiceThread.

Submitting a Create Assignment requires students to create a VoiceThread in full. Students will upload slides and record comments on their VoiceThread.

Submitting to a Comment Assignment requires students to record a set number of comments on a VoiceThread that an instructor has created.

Enable VoiceThread Universal for Improved Accessibility!