Change the Course Image in myCourses

Is the course image Blackboard generated for your course title irrelevant? Would you like to select something more related or representative of your course topic? The recent Blackboard Base Navigation update added a default stock image to courses displayed in grid view.  The stock image cannot be removed only replaced with a new image. Follow these steps to update your course image…

To VIEW the stock image(s) for your course titles:

  1. When viewing the myCourses Dashboard, click Courses on the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the “View Course Grid” button:

To CHANGE the stock image(s) for your course titles:

Unlike the default stock image, a custom image will also be displayed as a banner at the top of the course landing page, so a fairly large image is recommended.

  1. When viewing your course title(s) on the Courses page in myCourses, hover over the image and click the three dots”” that appear in the top-right corner of your course title’s image.
  2. Select “Edit Course Image.” (Note: Do NOT select “Make course private” or “Hide course”!)
  3. Click the image button to upload an image, or click the trash icon to remove an uploaded image only. (Note: Clicking the trash icon will not remove the stock image.)
  4. Click “Upload” to browse for an image file or drag and drop an image file to add a custom image to the course tile.
  5. Click “Next“.
  6. Review the image, and if necessary, add alternative text and uncheck the “mark as decorative” box. (Note: Alternative text is needed if the image is required for users to view and understand the content).
  7. Click “Save“.

Should you have questions, please contact Instructional Development.