myCourses Site Setup

New myCourses sites will be automatically created for all courses each semester. There are two possible steps to initially set up a new myCourses site before beginning work on it:

  1. Combining myCourses Sites: Instructors can combine both multiple sections of the same course, and courses that are cross-listed in COIN, into “Master” myCourses sites where students from multiple sections work out of one site.
  2. Copying myCourses Sites: The contents of a myCourses site can be copied forward from one semester to the next.

Once setup is complete:

Combining myCourses Sites

After your myCourses sites have been created, you have the option to combine similar sections or courses that are cross-listed in COIN. Follow these instructions to combine multiple myCourses sites into one (master) site:

      1. Visit the myCourses Site Setup Tool.
      2. Select the term you would like to combine sites for.
      3. Select “Combine Sites.”
      4. Select one section you want to combine from the “Master Course Section” drop-down list and then choose another site you want to include in the combination from the “Combine with Section” drop-down list.
        • If you are combining more than two sites, continue to choose the same section you chose in this step from the “Master Course Section” drop-down list on each row and then choose the additional sections from the “Combine with Section” drop-down list on each new row.
      5. Click the “Save Changes” button.

The new combined “Master” site(s) will appear in myCourses approximately one hour after they are created via the tool. Note that Master sites are empty by default and require content to be copied in (see below).

Copying myCourses Sites

Follow these instructions to copy the contents of one course site into another course site.

Note that if you are combining sites, you should generally complete the combination before copying content to the master (the master section will not inherit any content from the child sections.)

    1. Click into the course site you would like to copy content FROM.
    2. Under the Course Management area of the course menu, click on “Packages and Utilities.”
    3. Click on “Course Copy” under the “Packages and Utilities” link.
    4. Click the “Browse” button next to “Destination Course ID.”
    5. Click on the name of the course you would like to copy content into, then click “Submit.”
    6. Click the “Select All” button under “Select Course Materials.”   It is possible to select individual components here but this may result in broken links and missing content, so it is not generally recommended.
    7. Under the “Discussion Board” check box, select “Include only the forums, with no starter posts.”
    8. Click “Submit“.