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“Accessible content enables every learner to succeed.”
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The Importance of ADA Compliance for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are tasked with educating students who choose to study with them regardless of ability – this includes providing accessible websites and content. In addition to creating barriers to education for those with disabilities, not prioritizing accessibility can make your institution vulnerable to lawsuits. Thousands of lawsuits are filed each year against businesses and higher education institutions for inaccessible web content and technologies. In January 2023 alone there were 287 ADA accessibility lawsuits filed, according to a compliance lawsuit tracker. To offer perspective, check out the National Federation of the Blind’s video below:

Learn more about inclusivity, digital accessibility, and accessibility lawsuits in higher education.

Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform

YuJa Panorama allows instructors and students to locate, assess, and fix accessibility issues and access content directly within myCourses. Users can see a file-by-file accessibility gauge, view the severity of the problems with color-coded icons, replace files, select from 110+ languages, and extract math equations from documents without leaving myCourses.

Watch the overview videos below for more information:

Visit Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform Overview to learn more about:

Panorama Accessibility Design Tool

The Accessibility Design Tool enhances the structuring, aesthetic, and usability of content in editable HTML areas of myCourses to ensure that more accessible content is created right from the start. In this video, we will provide a brief overview of Panorama’s Accessibility Design Tool.

Visit Overview of Panorama’s Accessibility Design Tool to learn more about:

Panorama Website Accessibility Widget

The Website Accessibility Widget allows users to adjust the content and color of their web pages. They can either make adjustments in the Content and Color tabs or choose a Profile which will automatically set the website to suit their specific needs. Once satisfied with their results, Content Creators can save their adjustments for future use.

Website Accessibility Profiles tab.

Visit Overview of Panorama’s Website Accessibility Widget to learn more about:

For Instructors:

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry – it is not as scary as you think. You don’t have to fix everything at once.  Panorama is a tool to help start the conversation about how you can ensure that your materials are inclusive for all students. Panorama will help you create accessible content with real-time suggestions while also checking and resolving common accessibility issues, such as:

Checks and suggests font size, resolve color contrast issues, scan for alternative text on images, check links for descriptions.

Additional Tutorials:

For Students:

Panorama can generate alternative formats of documents! This ability to choose a format not only makes it easier for individuals with disabilities to access via assistive technologies (such as a screen reader or braille), but it also provides support for all students, allowing them to access materials in a way that best suits their learning preferences and needs.

Formats the program can generate include:

  • PDF
  • Text File
  • Gradient Reader
  • Electronic Braille
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Immersive Reader
  • EPUB
  • Audio Podcast
  • Math Formulas
  • Language Translations

Additional Tutorials:

YuJa Panorama Support: