Scan and Score Tests with Akindi

Akindi is used to create, print, and score bubble sheets for multiple-choice assessments.

  • Akindi will replace Scantron starting in January of 2022.
  • It is integrated with myCourses, so you can print test sheets with student names filled out, as well as upload scores into your Grade Center with one click.
  • Test scanning does not depend on No. 2 pencils; any dark pen or marker will work.
  • The scoring system is forgiving of stray marks, and gives you the opportunity to resolve exceptions.

To use Akindi:

  • Log into myCourses through the Portal. †
  • Add the Akindi tool to your course site, then open it. †
  • Create a test with the number of questions and choices per question that you plan to use.
  • Provide an answer key that will be used for scoring.
  • Print out the required number of sheets on your department printer.
  • Administer the test to your students.
  • Scan the completed sheets to PDF using your department printer, and send it to the Akindi address.
  • Return to your course site for scoring.
  • Send the completed scores to your course Grade Center, or download them for use in Excel or other software.
Getting Started with Akindi
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Adding Akindi to your myCourses site

Getting Started with Akindi

Downloading and Printing Test Sheets

Scanning and Uploading Sheets

Resolving Exceptions

Advanced Marking Options

Renewing Assessment Analytics

† It is recommended that you utilize Akindi through myCourses, so student and course data is seamlessly and automatically transferred between systems. Not using the Akindi/myCourses integration will result in limitations of Akindi functionality.