Discuss with Harmonize

We’re excited to share that instructors at UMass Dartmouth will be able to use Harmonize, a discussion & collaboration tool that integrates with Canvas, to improve student engagement in your online discussions while saving you time in grading and managing your classroom!

If you’d prefer a video, you can hear from other instructors and watch a quick introduction about Harmonize:

If you use Harmonize in your course you can:

  • Use ChatGPT to help write a good discussion prompt and build a rubric
  • Encourage more frequent and thoughtful participation by adding multiple due dates to assignments.
  • Enable auto-grading for your low-stakes discussion forums to save time grading.
  • Make it easier for students to engage in discussions by using a more modern and intuitive interface that is similar to the social media apps they’re used to.
  • Streamline grading with dashboards that show student activity, auto-grading for student participation, and the ability to automatically pass grades/feedback back to Canvas.
  • Automatically check every post for plagiarism and AI writing through Harmonize’s integration with Turnitin.

Enable AI Coaching for Students!

harmonize’s goal with AI coaching was to provide when the instructor permits it, a mechanism for students to receive real-time feedback on their work before or after they publish it so they can have as many retry attempts as they wish to improve their work.

We don’t want to tell the students what is wrong with the work, we want to create a stop-and-think moment for them to self-assess their work using the instructor’s rubric. We’re accomplishing this by showing them an indicator of how their work measures up against the rubric with simple icons and trend lines.

Harmonize is easy to use and requires minimal set-up, so most instructors can get it up and running in their course in under 15 minutes. Here are several resources that can help you get started when you begin to teach in Canvas:

If you have any questions, you can contact Instructional Development.