Classroom Technology

All campus classrooms are equipped with technology for teaching and learning.

For help, call 508.999.8900, option 3.


The projector allows you to share your laptop display or a document camera on the large screen or whiteboard behind the podium. All classroom projectors use HDMI inputs. Faculty Laptop Program computers come with the adapter cable needed to connect to the projector.

The projector is controlled with the Crestron panel mounted on the podium, or on the wall nearby. Tap the touchscreen to wake it up, then use the buttons in the left column to select the signal input. Tip: if no inputs are shown, click the Help button in the upper right, then tap anywhere on the panel to refresh the list.

A screen capture of the Crestron panel, with no signal input selected

Use the Mute buttons on the Crestron panel to temporarily turn off the projector or the speakers and microphone.

Crestron panel video not muted button

Video Unmuted

Crestron panel video muted button

Video Muted

Crestron panel audio not muted button

Audio Unmuted

Crestron panel audio muted button

Audio Muted


Many projectors have wireless technology that allows you to use them without a physical connection. Install the AirMedia application on your computer, select AirMedia on the Crestron panel, and use it to share your laptop display wirelessly.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the IT Learning Spaces page.

Document Camera

The document camera is used with the projector to display printed and handwritten materials. Turn the camera on, then use the Crestron Panel  to select the Doc Cam input.


Classroom speakers broadcast the audio that is shared from your computer. First set the output volume on your computer to 60-80%. Then use the controls on the Crestron panel to make further adjustments. If you can’t hear your sound, make sure that neither your computer nor the Crestron panel is muted.

Some large lecture halls are equipped with voice amplification.


Echo360 is used to stream and capture audio and video of the instructor, as well as the output of the projector.

For more information, visit our Echo360 page.