The Importance of Reflection


“If you want to become a better teacher, find someone who has an interest in teaching like you do. 
Joe Hoyle

Hello, faculty,

Congratulations faculty, you have made it to the end of the semester! Our final newsletter of the 2023-2024 academic school year is about reflection on your students and you!

The class of 2028 is about to embark on their college journey. Some will be eager to begin, others reluctant, and all will come with a smartphone! Make sure you read the article from EdSurge about how smartphones have physiologically changed their attention span. With that in mind, it is an instructor’s challenge to find ways to connect and engage with their students. We have provided a few resources to get you started as well as one very inspiring video from a well-known Ted Talk. We also want to focus on the importance of self-reflection and thinking ahead to next year, thus our newsletter concludes with resources about using the summer to prepare and plan for the fall… and the class of 2028.

Have a wonderful summer!

-The ID Team
CITS | Instructional Development

"" Smartphones Have Changed Student Attention, Even When They’re Not Using Them


"" The Key Ingredients to Students’ Success in a College Course

👓Faculty Focus

"" Transformative Education: Lessons From More Than 50 Years of Teaching

🎧Teaching in Higher Ed

"" How I’m Using Summer to Set Myself Up For Fall

👓University of Denver

"" Summer Reflections: Crafting Your Academic Career Plan

👓Marina Silva-Opps

"" The Continuous Quest: Integrating Reflective Practices into Teaching

👓Faculty Focus

There are several offerings of Blended and Online certification offerings this summer. We will also add any upcoming Canvas training sessions to the Workshops site as they are determined and plotted out. Please strive to visit our Workshop site regularly for updates!

Instructional Development works with faculty to…

  • Explore, design, and experiment with different teaching and learning modes.
  • Research and integrate technologies that can enhance teaching and learning.
  • Design and develop online courses and programs.
  • Write learning outcomes, design assessments, craft activities, and develop content.
  • Utilize best practices for using instructional technologies.

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