Gamification in Teaching and Learning


“Be open to putting yourself in a position to try something that can potentially fail.”

Rachelle O’Brien

Hello, faculty!

This week we are taking you on a learning experience. First start by reading the Gen Z report- as you read it think about the students that are attending your classes currently. Next, take a look at the Ted Talk and/or listen to the podcast about digital escape rooms. At first, this activity and assessment might seem inapplicable to your class, however, think back to the student in your class and what is engaging to them as well as what life skills such as collaboration and communication are also important to their learning. Finally, visit the UMass Dartmouth ID site and read about one of our latest tech tools Kahoot!. Also in this newsletter is information about Kahoot! including a webinar on applying it to your courses, both asynchronous and synchronous.

-The ID Team
CITS | Instructional Development

The WHY: Who How and YOU, Gamification in Teaching and Learning


Adding a variety of opportunities for active engagement in the classroom offers students an interactive collaborative and exciting way of learning. More recently games such as online tools like Kahoot! and designing escape rooms have become increasingly popular across campuses and with college students. This week our newsletter explores the profile of the Gen Z student and how they learn, as well as examples and resources about digital escape rooms and tech tools such as Kahoot! As always, feel free to reach out to ID and we would be happy to help you design interactive activities and assessments for any of your courses.


In this edition learn how: 

  • Students of this generation view learning.
  • Games can be incorporated into higher education.
  • To use Kahoot!.


Our goal for you is to: 

  • Consider using an interactive activity in your course.
  • Discover escape rooms and how they are used as an assessment.
  • Add activities to your course that strengthen skills such as collaboration and communication in your students prepping students for their upcoming careers.

Podcast: Playful learning and virtual escape rooms""

Rachelle O’Brien and Nicola Whitton talk about Playful Learning and Virtual Escape Rooms on episode 402 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. “Have an idea that you can explain in a sentence. If it goes beyond that, it is probably too complex.”-Rachelle O’Brien

Dr. Christopher See is sharing his idea behind one of his innovative education projects: Escape Room feat. Medical Examination! Gaming professor and Kahoot! co-founder Alf Inge Wang hosts Kahoot! in higher-ed: How to engage students through distance learning.


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Escape Rooms as a Didactic Tool in Higher Education

Institute for the Future of Education

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