Project-Based Learning, Improv, and 21st Century Skills


“Humans are hardwired for learning by doing.” 
James Wilson 

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Welcome to the mid-semester! Our newsletter contains several articles, podcasts, and videos about incorporating activities into your courses to promote the practical application of 21st-century “Soft Skills”. We hope you enjoy and find this information useful. Also, Instructional Development is happy to meet and discuss how to connect creative activities to your course(s), content, and goals. Brainstorming is kind of our favorite thing to do. 

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The WHY, Who How and YOU Project-based learning, Improv, and 21st Century skills.

21st-century skills also referred to as “Soft Skills” are becoming increasingly important in the success of college graduates. The four Cs of 21st-century learning, known as Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity are core skills that employers are seeking when hiring college graduates. These skills including other core competencies are defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as fundamental life skills and include:

  • decision-making and problem-solving,
  • creative thinking and critical thinking,
  • communication and interpersonal skills,
  • self-awareness and empathy,
  • and coping with emotions and stress.

By incorporating group-based projects known as project-based learning (PBL), real-world scenarios learned through improvisation, and other creative activities, instructors can prepare their students for success in their content and in the skills to succeed in life.


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