Workshop Series:
Online Course Prep

Online Course Prep is a workshop series that discusses the differences between instructional modes and helps identify which course components can be conducted online. Participants will learn how to create a myCourses site and organize electronic materials for online delivery. Popular assessment strategies will also be discussed and technologies for creating online content will be explored. Each session builds upon the last and provides helpful guidance, templates, and samples for faculty to use as they plan for their upcoming online and Flipped course(s).

To learn more about the basics of using myCourses, Zoom, and Kaltura check out our Instructional Continuity workshop series.

Session 1: Building a Base

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Session One Slides

Unpack Your Schedule Tutorials:

Activities and Assessments in myCourses Tutorials:

Recommended Templates and Guides:

Session Homework:

  1. Request a myCourses Site by visiting the myCourses Course Site Setup tool.
  2. Copy content from a previous site OR import the myCourses Starter-kit-> (myCourses
  3. Create Content Areas or ‘Unit buckets’.
  4. Write overviews and ‘to-do’s’ in Content Items.
  5. Upload any digital materials.
  6. Begin creating activities and assignments in your site(s).

Session 1.5: Blending for Lab, Clinical, and Studio Courses

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Session 1.5 Slides

Blended Templates, Worksheets, and Guides:

Flipped Learning Templates, Worksheets, Guides:

Session Homework:

  1. Reflect on your course: Are you Blending and/or Flipping?
  2. Inventory your content. What can be moved online vs. what needs to occur face-to-face?
  3. Using your inventory, draft a course plan to map out each unit.
  4. Explore and consider instructional technologies to enhance your blend and/or Flip.
  5. Learn your limitations: Do you have any questions to bring to your department?

Session 2: Developing and Curating Content

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Session 2 Slides

Resources to Pull From:

Create Your Own Content:

Keep Accessibility in Mind:

Session Homework:

  1. Find useful, supplementary content:
    ​- Explore the video repositories​.
    – Connect with your librarian​.
  2. Try recording a Kaltura lecture: Sign up for a workshop!
  3. Use Ally to improve accessibility scores!

Session 3: Online Engagement and Wrap-Up!

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Session 3 Slides

Key Concepts to Consider:

Tools for Engagement:

Session Homework:

  1. Build a Course Welcome area in your site.
  2. Humanize Your Course! Where, in your course, do students need YOU and your expertise the most?
  3. Update Your Syllabus to reflect the online language, key information, and important dates.

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