myCourses to COIN Grade Sync

Faculty now have the option of importing final letter grades from the myCourses grade center to the COIN grade roster*. In order to successfully use this new functionality, it is important that the myCourses grade center is correctly set up. The import will only pull the grade center column that has been set as the external grade column, and it will only accept letter grades that match the COIN grade scheme. Once the import into COIN is complete, one will have the opportunity to review and edit the grades in COIN.

Before attempting to import grades to COIN:

  • Make sure the grades and calculations in myCourses are correct.
  • Make sure that a column has been set up in the grade book for final letter grades, either manual or calculated.
  • Make sure this final letter grade column is set as the external grade column.

Step 1: Add a  final letter grade column manually (video, pdf) or by adding a calculated column (video, pdf)
Step 2: Set the final grade column to external grade (video, pdf)
Step 3: Import the final grades column into COIN (pdf, video)

Important Notes:
Make sure to check the exceptions after importing your grades. Here are some examples.
Make sure that if you make changes to your final external grade column in myCourses resync the roster in COIN. 

Additional videos on Grade center functionality

For questions regarding setting up grade columns in myCourses please contact Instructional Development.
For specific questions related to final grades in COIN please email the Registrar (