Welcome back! Spring ’24

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“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”

-G.K. Nielson

Hello, faculty!

Instructional Development is excited to continue sharing with you our newsletter, This Week in ID, now bi-monthly. Each newsletter (or Instructional Development site blog post) will include information based on a theme that coincides with the ebbs and flows of an academic semester. We’ll strive to provide helpful, theme-relevant resources such as:

  • upcoming workshops and training dates.
  • tips on using technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  • information about myCourses.
  • and inspirational content to guide and refresh you throughout the semester.  

This week our theme is syllabus and Self as well as practical course design. Our ultimate goal is to share with you technology, best practices, and approaches that can foster a sense of community online and in the classroom and ways to personalize your courses.

Good luck with this spring semester’s start!

-The ID Team
CITS | Instructional Development

The WHY: Who How and You. Syllabus, Self, and Course Layout


Beginnings are Important. What happens in the first few classes can impact the entire course. It affects the success of students. Instructors set the tone and expectations in the first few weeks of classes, and make the biggest impression on the first day. So, be sure to start on the right foot for you, your students, and your course(s)!


In this edition learn how to: 

  • Utilize your syllabus as an opportunity for students to ‘meet’ you. 
  • Identify essential syllabus resources and streamline their availability to students.
  • Implement consistent course design basics.


Our goal for you is to: 

  • Connect with your students right away.
  • Enhance and further humanize your courses.

""  The Self and Syllabus

Teaching in HigherEd

“Am I coming across on my syllabus? Do students meet me in my syllabus?”

"" Syllabus Resources

Teaching in HigherEd

“I think the most important thing is thinking about the syllabus from a student’s perspective.”

"" Practical Instructional Design

Teaching in HigherEd

“We know our content, but we don’t realize how tightly packed our knowledge is…”

Supportive sources

How to Create a Syllabus

The Chronicle of Higher Education

“…this guide is aimed at showing you how to create or redesign a syllabus so that it’s not only an effective map of your course’s nuts-and-bolts logistics but also an invitation to engage in the learning process actively.”

""  Course Workload Estimator

Center for Teaching and Learning, Rice University

So, how long does it take for students to tackle common academic tasks?

Instructional Development works with faculty to…

  • Explore, design, and experiment with different teaching and learning modes.
  • Research and integrate technologies that can enhance teaching and learning.
  • Design and develop online courses and programs.
  • Write learning outcomes, design assessments, craft activities, and develop content.
  • Utilize best practices for using instructional technologies.

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