Updates! Qwickly Attendance

Quickly Attendance has been updated!

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With a better ability to disseminate bug fixes and feature updates, one will notice a couple of new things:

  • When setting up the tool for the first time in a course you will come across a permission screen – please click Allow. This prompt will only appear once.Allow authentication for Quickly Attendance
  • Attendance now has the ability to toggle between summary and regular view by clicking on “Totals” to get a general overview of students’ attendance. The views are also “sticky” so that the last view is one is the one that will appear when accessing the area again. Image of ability to toggle between Total and Summary view
  • One can now make comments on statuses and make them visible to students. By default the comment is private, to make it visible to the student click on the entry and switch it to visible to students. Public and private Commenting feature in Attendance