February Workshops

Check out a few of our upcoming workshops!

First up, iClicker Cloud allows instructors to engage students during class with multiple choice, numeric, and short answer questions. Students can respond from their phone, tablet, or laptop and the instructor can display the results on the projector to discuss as a class. Attend our In-Class Polling with iClicker Cloud workshop on Friday to learn more.

Have you ever considered hosting online office hours or meeting virtually with students? Blackboard Collaborate can make it happen! Instructors and students can communicate with each other via text chat, audio/video, or by calling in using a telephone. Collaborate also lets you to share your computer screen and present documents to students. Sign-up for the Online Meetings in Blackboard Collaborate workshop next Thursday to learn more.

Did you know that instructors are able to post course materials online for their students? myCourses allows instructors to post files, accept electronic assignment submissions, share content from the internet, maintain an online grade book, and more! Sign-up for the Getting Started in myCourses workshop on the first Tuesday in March to learn how myCourses can become the digital headquarters of your courses.

Have you been unable to make it to our VoiceThread workshop? Would you like to learn more about the tool? There are some alternatives! VoiceThread offers some interesting online workshops of their own. You can check out their offerings on VoiceThread’s free online workshops page. VoiceThread also maintains an active blog where they send out a weekly newsletter that faculty can subscribe to receive via email.

In-Class Polling with iClicker Cloud
Friday, February 22
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Claire T. Carney Library, Room 135

Online Meetings in Blackboard Collaborate
Thursday, February 28
11:00am – 12:00pm
Claire T. Carney Library, Room 135

Getting Started in myCourses
Tuesday, March 5
11:00am – 12:00pm
Claire T. Carney Library, Room 135

Find a full list of upcoming workshops.

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