Get Started with Kahoot!

Great news – we have purchased Kahoot! for our campus and we’d love you to try it out!

Create/Connect an Account

To join the UMass Dartmouth Kahoot! plan, you will be able to either:


  • Connect an existing account (steps and tutorials below)

If you need to connect an existing account, please read through the scenarios below and follow the instructions that pertain to you in order to ensure all of your Kahoot!s migrate over properly.

  1. If your current account is under another email, ex: a personal email, please first go to your profile settings and update to your school email address.
  2. If your existing account is free/basic then you are ready to go, please read Step 4 below before accepting your invite.
  3. If you have paid for an upgraded account yourself, please be sure to schedule a cancellation of your purchase.
  4. Kahoots from your original account will go with you to your new UMass Dartmouth Kahoot! subscription so long as they are saved in your personal workspace. View this quick video on moving Kahoots to make sure you are all set.

Once you have read through the above, please open your email invitation from Kahoot! and follow the prompts to either create or connect an existing account.

Get Started!

Visit Instructional Development’s Kahoot! site for tutorials.

Need Support?

Be on the lookout for emails from Kahoot! with the next steps and guidance on how to get the most out of EDU. For additional help, please see the Kahoot EDU Resource page or check out the resource links above.

Happy Kahoot!’ ing!