Proctor Exams with Honorlock

Honorlock is an online proctoring solution that can be integrated into a myCourses exam.  Honorlock offers ID verification and remote proctoring during an exam. Honorlock provides options for Multi-Device detection, Live Pop-In, and Voice Detection.  To use the software, instructors enable HonorLock in their course and then configure the settings for Honorlock while setting the test options.  Students download a Chrome browser extension and then walk through the exam set up and the specified parameters set by the instructor prior to taking their exam.

Please remember to contact Honorlock directly for any issues or questions.  24/7 Help is always available via Honorlock to faculty through live chat within the application, emailing, or by contacting the faculty support line at 844-243-2500.

IMPORTANT: Please note that students must be made aware ahead of time of any online proctoring via your syllabus. Here is a sample of what you can include in your syllabus.

Instructor Resources

Getting Started with Honorlock:

Step 1 : Let your students know in advance, Honorlock will provide remote proctoring for your course exams.  See sample syllabus language above.

  • We  recommend using Honorlock for high stake assessments only such as midterm and final exams. For low stakes assessments, we suggest the following  guidance for assessment design and myCourses Test Options.
  • Add a statement to your syllabus why you are using Honorlock.
  • Add the Taking Exams with Honorlock link to your course.
  • Students are required to use the Chrome browser and download the Honorlock browser extension.

Step 2 : Link to Honorlock and enable in a myCourses exam (pdf)

Step 3 : IMPORTANT: Set up a practice quiz for your students (pdf)
We highly recommend having students take the practice exam well in advance of their first exam to setup their device and to become familiar with taking a proctored exam with Honorlock. If students have any issues with the practice exam or the actual exam they can reach out directly through the chat support within the exam or at Honorlock Support.

Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Google Chrome – Students are required to use Google Chrome.
  • Password – Do not change the password key after creating the exam. Honorlock automatically creates a new password code for the exam once proctoring is enabled. Faculty should not delete or alter this password code. This prevent students from getting into the exam without using Honorlock.
  • Browser Guard – Students will not be able to open new tabs or access applications with Browser Guard enabled. Only use Browser Guard if there is no use case for your students to be able to access anything outside of their exam in Blackboard.
  • White-Listing – This feature allows faculty to white-list specific URL’s so that students can only access these URL’s and no other URL’s.
  • Exam Guidelines – We recommend sending your exam guidelines to your students in addition to adding them when you enable Honorlock. This can be sent through Blackboard added in the course description, and included in the syllabus. The more places you put the guidelines the better.
  • Hide the Honorlock LTI link in your course
  • Students in Public Spaces – Please keep in mind, some students may not have access to a quiet, interruption free environment, technology or stable internet and may utilize a public space such as the Library. If you know some of your students may be taking an exam in a public space, you can adjust your Honorlock exam settings to allow for taking exams in public areas.


Student Resources:

Setting up Honorlock (pdf, video)
Taking Exams with Honorlock