Help for Students


Below you will find several common tasks that students might need to perform in myCourses. All tutorials are available as PDF documents that can be printed or saved and as guided-tour style videos.

Task PDF Tutorial Video Tutorial
Submitting an Assignment Instructions Video
Posting & Replying to Discussions Instructions Video
Posting to a Blog or Journal Instructions Video
Taking a Test Instructions Video
Checking the Course Calendar Instructions Video
Sending a Course Message Instructions Video
Sending an Email Instructions Video
Checking Grades Instructions Video
Adjusting Notification Settings Instructions Video
Setting a Profile Avatar Instructions Video
Attending a Collaborate Session
Instructions Video
Presenting in a Collaborate Session Coming Soon Video
Submitting VoiceThread Comments Instructions Video
Using Bb Mobile Learn More

myCourses Troubleshooting Tip:

Clearing the cache of an internet browser solves the majority of problems that may arise when using myCourses. Please visit our Clearing the Browser Cache page to learn how you can clear your browser cache in the event that you encounter an issue while using myCourses.

Visit the myCourses Student knowledge base for more tutorials and find answers to common questions.