Examplify Student Support

Examplify is the software that students use to complete exams that instructors have created in ExamSoft. Examplify can be installed on Windows computers, Mac computers, and iPads. Chromebooks are not supported at this time.

Examplify LogoStudents can contact support for help resolving issues that arise while installing or using Examplify. Support is available 24/7 during the Fall and Spring semesters and during regular business hours throughout the summer.

  • Email – support@examsoft.com
  • Phone – 866-429-8889

Students can also live chat with support and find solutions to common technical issues on Examplify’s support site.

Download Examplify Here

Support for Examplify

read a tutorial on Installing Examplify on a Computer watch a tutorial on Installing Examplify on a Computer Installing Examplify on your Computer

read a tutorial on Taking an Exam in Examplify watch a tutorial on Taking an Exam in Examplify Taking an Exam with Examplify

watch a tutorial on download examplify on an iPad Downloading Examplify on an iPad

Other iPad tips:

Exam ID and Exam Monitor
Examplify 2.3.6 or newer now contains software for remote proctoring called ExamID and ExamMonitor. ExamID is the software that will validate you as a student and ExamMonitor is the software that will proctor your assessments.  Some of your exams may have these services enabled.

The following requirements apply for exams with ExamID or ExamMonitor enabled:

  • Examplify version 2.3.6 or greater
  • Hard Drive: 2GB or higher available space
  • RAM: 8GB or higher recommended; 4GB required
  • Webcam (no virtual cameras or phones as cameras)
  • Microphone (no headphones, no virtual mics)
  • Internet: 2Mpbs upload speed

This video will walk you through the ExamID and ExamMonitor experience as a student. Included in this video will be some basic troubleshooting around permissions and validating your identity as well as information on what to expect as a student.

Examplify with ExamID and ExamMonitor Tutorial
This guide will give you a tutorial if using an assessment with both ExamID and ExamMonitor enabled.

Additional Guides
ExamID and ExamMonitor Permission Setup for Windows users
ExamID and ExamMonitor Permissions Setup for Mac users
ExamID and ExamMonitor Troubleshooting Guide
Check out the troubleshooting guide for answers to frequently asked questions.

If you experience any issues, you can contact our 24/7 support team at (866)429-8889. To speak with support press 1 and listen to the prompts that follow.