New Approaches to Teaching and Learning Conference 2017

Conference Schedule

Breakfast & Registration
CCB Learning Pavilion Lobby, 8:30am

Welcome Remarks 
CCB 149, 9:00am

Provost’s Teaching and Learning with Technology Award
CCB 149, 9:15am

Active Science
CCB 149, 9:30am

Professor Elizabeth McCliment will discuss how she created a technology-based “Active Science” route to increase student engagement in her BIO 102 course.

Sessions – 10:00am

Service-Learning: A Sustainable Pedagogy for Students, Faculty, University, and Community
CCB 247 This session highlights the benefits of service-learning pedagogy to students, faculty, and community; it explains different service-learning projects performed in the past or planned for their classes and it concludes with an explanation of the Faculty Service-Learning Fellows program at UMass Dartmouth.

  • Matt Roy
  • Andrea Klimt
  • Kellyann Kowalski
  • Caitlin Stover
  • Jay Zysk

Patterns of Teaching Practice in University Studies
CCB 248 This presentation discusses the findings from a survey of faculty teaching practices in Cluster 4 courses, undertaken by the Gen-Ed Committee as part of program assessment. The survey reveals a diversity of modalities and approaches. By combining the survey data with results from a student learning assessment, suggestive evidence has been developed about what teaching practices are most effective.

  • Doug Roscoe

Sessions – 11:00am

Open Educational Resources at UMass Dartmouth
CCB 247 In this session, faculty share general insights and results in developing projects linked to Open Educational Resources (OER) at UMass Dartmouth.

  • Shannon Jenkins
  • Paula Rioux
  • Shouhong Wang
  • and Gary Davis

Surviving Snow Days
CCB 248 Don’t let snow days interrupt your course schedule! This session will highlight new tools and resources that can help you continue course activities when classes are canceled and keep your courses running smoothly.

  • Damon Gatenby
  • Rachel Rebello
  • Andrew Hinote
  • Chris Farnham

Complimentary Lunch for Attendees – 12:00pm

Lunch will take place at the Claire T. Carney Library Grand Reading Room.

Keynote – 1:00pm

Teaching for Critical Thinking: Moving Beyond “I Know It When I See It”
Library GRR We all want our students to be better critical thinkers, but beyond a “we know it when we see it” intuitive sense, it can be difficult to fully describe what we mean by “critical thinking” and design activities that intentionally cultivate those skills.In this workshop, we will explore Halpern’s four-part framework of critical thinking skills, engage in a great deal of structured brainstorming and fertile dialogue. At the end of this workshop, you will have generated a list of concrete takeaways that you can try in your class.

About the Speaker

Dr. Michael Sweet is the Senior Associate Director at the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning Through Research and Lecturer is the Department of Psychology at Northeastern University

Wine & Cheese Reception – 2:30pm

Library Grand Reading Room

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