Wikis are a social writing and web authoring tool. This wiki tool we use here at UMass Dartmouth offers a simplified webpage editor that does not require authors to understand website coding and is designed specifically for education.

Some common uses for wikis in education are:

  • Producing media rich versions of traditional poster boards and research papers.
  • Creating a central online location for groups of students to work on projects.
  • Sharing projects and information publicly with people outside of UMass Dartmouth.
  • Allowing students to build online ePortfolios that showcase their work.

Help Documentation

The video below is a one hour workshop that provides an overview of what wikis on Wikispaces can do, and how they work.

The UMass Dartmouth Wikispaces system can be accessed from the Quicklaunch menu of the myUMassD portal under Campus Tools > Wikis. The system can also be accessed from the wikispaces homepage.