URGENT: UMassD Wikispaces Service Discontinued on August 26, 2018

What does this mean for you?
Your wiki site(s) will no longer exist past August 26, 2018.

IMPORTANT: If you want to save your wiki data, YOU MUST EXPORT YOUR DATA from your wiki site before August 26, 2018.

What will happen once the Wikispaces service is decommissioned?
All wiki data will be permanently deleted. Therefore, data will become completely inaccessible to yourself, members, users, and the public.

How do I export my wiki data? View Tutorial

  • Go to
  • Sign in (upper right hand corner) with your UMassD credentials.
  • Click on My Wikis (upper right hand corner) to view your wiki sites.
  • Navigate to the relevant Wiki
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘Exports/Backups’
  • Select the format you wish to download the file in under ‘Content type’. We recommend HTML.
  • Then select the ‘File Type’ relevant for your computer
  • Click ‘Export’

Is there a way to export my Wiki direct to another site?
The best option is to export the data from your Wiki and save it to your computer and then use the data to create new pages on a different platform. Due to the different settings on other websites, we do not a have a way of exporting your Wiki direct from Wikispaces to another site.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the content direct from your Wiki to an alternative location.

What if I do not want to save any of my wiki site data?
If you DO NOT want to save any data from your wikis site(s), you do not need to do anything. Your wiki site(s) and all data will be permanently deleted August 26, 2018.

Are there alternatives to Wikispaces that I can use?
Yes, tools such as OneNote (Office 365) and WordPress provide various options for collaboration with peers and colleagues, note taking, and sharing of documents, resources, and media.
Links to further information are listed below.

OneNote (available in O365)

WordPress Site

Still not sure which one is the best option? Please contact or 508-999-8501.