New VoiceThread Assignments! 

VoiceThread is introducing a new interface and features for graded assignments.  

What’s new?

  •  A streamlined interface
  • More control for instructors
  • Editable assignments
  • A “student gallery” so students can easily see classmates’ VoiceThreads
  • Better feedback for students

What happens when you update?
First and foremost, none of your past assignments will break! You and your students will start seeing the upgraded interfaces described below, but no work will be lost, and everyone can continue completing and grading existing assignments without interruption. Just keep in mind that old assignments will retain old features and policies. To take advantage of all new policies and features, you will need to build a new assignment.

Any new assignment you create from this point on will use all new features.

Do I have to use new assignments?
Yes, but you have until June 30, 2021 to migrate at your own speed, and then all remaining courses will be updated automatically.

Check Out the New Updates

Features That Won’t Be Supported Anymore 

  • Sharing a VoiceThread from an assignment outside of the assignment. You would need to make a copy and then share that copy instead. 
  • Group assignments will be a bit more complex while VoiceThread works on simplifying and streaming that logic. 

Getting Started
How to Enable New Assignments
Instructor Guide
Student Guide

Attend a VoiceThread Workshop