Academic Integrity

Preventative Measures to Maintain Academic Honesty in Online Courses
  1. Ensure that your syllabus clearly outlines the UMass Dartmouth Student Academic Integrity Policy.
  2. Promote academic integrity by making clear in your syllabus your expectations regarding assignments, student group work, tests, and research papers.
  3. Integrate a course activity or discussion about academic dishonesty and plagiarism.
  4. Have students sign an academic integrity pledge.
  5. Provide the Avoiding Plagiarism video module to students.
  6. Design open-ended questions and qualitative assessments.
  7. Consider using alternative forms of assessment such as group projects, discussion-based assignments, reflective papers and journals.
  8. Limit the use of high stakes online tests.
Tips and Tools

Plagiarism Detection

SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection service available in the myCourses Assignment Tool. Students’ submissions are evaluated and compared to electronic documents, online sources, and the SafeAssign databases for originality. An originality report is produced and indicates if any text in a student’s document is copy/pasted or taken from an internet source.

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Test Design

Here are some suggestions on how test design can also help deter cheating:

  • Develop effective test questions.
  • Use different test questions for different semesters.
  • Randomize questions and questions sets can help to ensure that each student receives a different set of questions.
  • Limit the time students have to complete the test.
  • Present one questions at a time versus enabling displaying full view of the exam all at once. This will help to deter the ability for students to print out the entire exam.
  • Release the test grades after test deadline has expired.
  • Configure these myCourses Test Options and more to maintain academic integrity.

Online Proctoring Service

A third party online proctoring service is available to verify student authentication as well as monitor students during an online test.

Contact Instructional Development for associated costs and set-up information for online proctoring.