Team-Based Learning

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is not just group-work. TBL incorporates the strategic organization of teams, individual accountability activities, overall assignment design, and several feedback options to accomplish a positive impact on student learning.

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Each component of Team-Based Learning helps students to: 

  • solve real-life problems
  • develop team-work skills
  • develop procedural knowledge
  • become accountable

Language Learning and Multimedia Center in LARTS 208


Just as traditional classroom design influences levels of interaction and engagement, team-based activities that are enhanced with technology can be influential as well. UMass Dartmouth’s new flexible learning space, the Language Learning and Multimedia Center in LARTS 208 offers several arrangements designed to support the approach of Team-Based Learning.

The Language Learning and Multimedia Center’s technology is ideally suited for collaborative and project-based learning. The space includes 25 student computer stations arranged in five groups of five; each with its own large flat-screen monitor. From the teaching station, the instructor is able to control the student computers and the monitors’ output, providing for whole class instruction and demonstration combined with collaborative team work.

Use of the Language Learning and Multimedia Center is limited to College of Arts & Science faculty. If you are interested in teaching in LARTS 208, please contact Director of Planning & Administration Kristin McGillicuddy for additional information and register for our Technology for Team-Based Learning workshop.

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