Teaching Online


Interested in Teaching Online at UMass Dartmouth?

There is a distinct difference between the instructional approach used in face-to-face classes versus having to facilitate instruction in an online course environment. Recognizing these differences and reformulating how to deliver content, while engaging learners virtually, is essential to online teaching and learning.

If your Department Chair and University Extension have determined the need for you to develop and teach an online course, then you are required to complete the Online Teaching and Learning Strategies training course as well as engage in the Quality Online Course Review process prior to the start of your online course. Both the online training and the course review process will assist you as you prepare your online course. However, if you are simply interested in teaching online and would just like to learn more, you are welcome to participate in our Online Teaching and Learning Strategies course as well!

2017-2018 Schedule

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*Please note that if your needs fall outside of the session schedules posted, you can contact Instructional Development directly at any time to discuss potential options.

What is the Quality Online Course Review Rubric?

UMass Dartmouth has established the Quality Online Course Review Rubric to ensure consistency and quality course design in newly developed online courses. This rubric is modeled from the Open SUNY Course Quality review (OSCQR) Rubric. Our rubric and review process, in particular, is recommended for individual faculty and departmental use to review fully online myCourses sites.

This rubric is not attached to faculty review processes in anyway.

Why is the Quality Online Course Review Rubric Important?

Faculty Senate has approved the online course review process and the related rubric to be utilized as a mechanism for assessing how core best practices are implemented and federal ADA guideline compliance is met as well as to ensure an inclusive and effective learning experience for our students. The rubric is formative rather than evaluative. The overall goal of the review process is to engage in a collaborative conversation regarding course design.

How Does the Review Process Work?

When at least 50% of your contracted new online course development is ready for review, at least three weeks prior to the start of your course, please email the Academic Director of Online Education, Shannon Jenkins (shannon.jenkins@umassd.edu) and Lead Instructional Designer, Rachel Rebello (rrebello@umassd.edu) to initiate the review of your developed course. Following your email, an Instructional Designer and a faculty reviewer will review your course using the Quality Online Course Review Rubric. Each component and instructional strategy of your newly developed course will be cross checked with the rubric criteria to ensure federal ADA standards are upheld and a quality online learning experience for our students is achieved. Feedback collected during the review is then provided to you electronically to help with implementing any changes that may be necessary prior to the start of the course.

Tips and Tools for Successfully Teaching Online

The following resources will help you work through the process of successfully designing your course for the online environment and maintaining academic integrity in your online course.

Contact the ID Team today with any questions you may have about getting started with teaching online. We look forward to working with you!