Poll Students with iClicker

Instructors can use iClicker Cloud to ask questions during class that students answer from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. After students answer a question, the instructor can spark discussion by analyzing the results with the class. The iClicker Cloud software keeps track of every question and class session in a grade book so it is easy to go back and track your students participation throughout the semester.

iClicker is free for instructors, but there is a cost for students. All students receive a free 14-day trial when they sign up.

  • 6-months of access (180 days) for $14.99
  • 1-year of access (365 days) for $23.99
  • 2-years of access (730 days) for $32.99
  • 4-years of access (1460 days) for $47.99

Support for iClicker

Help Documentation for Faculty

Help Documentation for Students

For students – download the apps!

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