Did you know that 93% of employers agree that demonstrated skills in critical thinking, communication, and problem solving are more important than your undergraduate major. 83% said that a student portfolio would help in evaluating candidates. (Association of American Colleges & Universities, 2013)

An ePortfolio is a virtual collection of work that can include text, graphic presentations, and multimedia to represent an individual’s efforts and accomplishments throughout their academic career. An ePortfolio is a valuable learning and assessment tool that can later be used as an interactive resume for students’ future employment. UMass Dartmouth offers several systems to support the use of ePortfolios.

ePortfolio Systems at UMass Dartmouth

TS logoTaskstream

Taskstream is a web-based electronic portfolio, assessment management and standards-based instruction tool. It allows students to upload assignments from courses in their program of study to showcase work and demonstrate learning achievements and competencies in content knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  It also allows faculty to evaluate students’ assignment and review of program for continuous improvement.

Currently used by the School of Education for STEM Education and Teacher Development.

Please contact Instructional Development or Taskstream Support directly for assistance.

word press logoWordPress

WordPress sites can also be used by faculty or students to create online portfolios of their work and accomplishments. Word press offers easy integration of images, video, and other types of online media as well as customization of site menus and pages.

Visit our WordPress page for more information.

Please contact Instructional Development for assistance.


Wikis have proven to be an excellent resource for ePortfolios. Individual student portfolio sites can remain private, be available by invitation only or open to the public for academic and future employment purposes. Wikispaces at UMass Dartmouth offers a simplified webpage editor that does not require authors to understand website coding and is designed specifically for education purposes.

Currently used in the Department of Public Policy.

Please contact Instructional Development for assistance.

pb logoPathbrite

Pathbrite allows students to track their own progress for their learning goals across classes and as they move through the program. At graduation students will have a collection of work to help prepare for interviews or even to share at a job interview as an exemplary work sample.

Currently used by the Charlton College of Business in the Master’s of Business Administration program.

MBA students and faculty may contact Professor Tim Shea for assistance.