TA myCourses Access Form

Do you need to add a TA to one of your myCourses?

Please fill out the TA Request form to expedite the process.

To Request a TA to be added to a course(s) in MyCourses the following is needed:

  • Student/TA hiring authority in your department has created a placement for this position.
  • The student has been hired through CORSAIR jobs and has an active record.
  • The Ferpa_Form has been filled out by the student and a copy sent to the Registrar at registrar@umassd.edu.
  • The enrolled students are notified that a Teaching Assistant is monitoring the course.

Students cannot be added to the course until the placement is completely validated and the student has been notified that they have access to HRDirect.
Please make sure the student has completed all of the necessary paperwork to be hired through CORSAIR jobs.