Getting Started in myCourses


This face-to-face workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the teaching and learning features of myCourses (Blackboard Learn.) You will learn how to set up a course menu with content areas that can contain files, submission areas, and other web resources. You will also be introduced to common semester start-up tasks such as creating announcements, uploading your syllabus, adding due dates, and setting up content automatically appear and disappear on certain dates.

Workshop Materials:

  1. Creating a What’s New page.
  2. Creating a Content Area.
  3. Creating an Item heading.
  4. Creating a Content Folder.
  5. Uploading Files.
  6. Creating a Web Link.
  7. Embedding YouTube videos.
  8. Embedding NBC Learn videos.
  9. Creating an Assignment submission.

Don’t have time to attend a workshop? No problem! We have put together a playlist of videos that cover the same tools we explore during the workshop. Just click play below to watch.

For a full collection of our myCourses PDF and video tutorials, visit the Help for Faculty page.