REEF Polling


REEF Polling is a classroom response system where students use a computer, smartphone, tablet, or special remote called a “clicker” to answer questions posed by their instructor throughout a class session. Student responses are captured in real time on the instructors computer where they can be viewed by the entire class to spark discussion, or they can be saved and viewed by the instructor later. Student scores from REEF polls can also be synced to your myCourses grade center.

REEF Polling is free for instructors, but there is a cost for students. The cost breakdown for students is as follows:

  • 6-months of access (180 days) for $9.99.
  • 1-year of access (365 days) for $15.99 – save 20%.
  • 2-years of access (730 days) for $21.99 – save 45%.
  • 4-years of access (1460 days) for $31.99 – save 60%.

Help Documentation for Faculty

    1. Learn how to install the REEF software
    2. Download the getting started kit

Help Documentation for Students

      1. How to Get set up
      2. REEF Web Login.

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