Instructional Technologies


Instructional Development supports an array of technology tools that are able to be used in a variety of teaching and learning environments. We invite you to read through the list below to learn about how you might be able to make use of some of these tools. Click on any of the “Learn More” links to find out more about a particular tool.

Lecture Recording

The ID team offers two solutions to faculty interested in recording live or asynchronous lectures.

Echo360 logoEcho360 is available in a select number of classrooms throughout campus. This system is designed to capture live in-person lectures during normal class time. The system will capture what the instructor is saying, video of the instructor lecturing, as well as anything happening on the document camera or laptop. Learn More.


relayTechsmith Relay is freely available to all faculty and students at UMass Dartmouth. This software can be installed on any faculty or student computer and is used to record things like narrated PowerPoint lectures, technology tutorials, or any other tasks you would like to show students how to do on a computer. Learn More.


Classroom Engagement with REEF Polling

Looking to keep your students active and engaged during lectures or other in-person exercises? REEF Polling can help!

REEF-Polling-LogoREEF Polling allows instructors to shake up their lectures by inserting multiple choice, numeric, and short answer questions. Students can respond from their phone, tablet, or laptop and the instructor can display the results data immediately afterward on the projector to discuss as a class. Learn More.


Website Authoring

Move beyond traditional papers and poster boards using Wikis and WordPress sites. Students and groups can build their own sites and take advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

wordpress-logoWordPress has become a global leader in website authoring. Originally conceived as blogging platform, WordPress is now capable of just about any type of website authoring you can think of. This option is ideal for blogging assignments as well as for students with more advanced technical needs beyond the capabilities of a Wiki. Learn More.



vector-note-padAn ePortfolio is a virtual collection of work that can include text, graphic presentations, and multimedia to represent an individual’s efforts and accomplishments throughout their academic career. An ePortfolio is a valuable learning and assessment tool that can later be used as an interactive resume for students’ future employment. Learn More.